Environmental Accounting

Quantitative Evaluation of Environmental Preservation

With transparent activities and efficient environmental preservation activities as our targets, we have employed environmental accounting since FY2002.

Our environmental accounting is conducted in accordance with Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005, issued by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

Environmental Preservation Costs

(Unit: Millions of yen)

Category Main activities Related
Investments Total costs
(1) Environmental preservation costs
to reduce the environmental impact caused by production and service activities on the sites
(on-site costs)
  176 1,561
Details 1) Pollution control costs Reduction of air/water pollution and chemical substances emissions in the environment 154 1,140
2) Global environment preservation costs Energy saving (prevention of global warming) 22 5
3) Resource recycling costs Reduction, separation, and recycling of industrial waste 0 416
(2) Costs for the reduction of environmental impact in upstream or downstream areas caused by production and service operations
(upstream/downstream costs)
Assessment of environmentally hazardous substances in products, information provision, and green purchasing 1 147
(3) Environmental preservation costs for administration
(administrative costs)
Labor costs for environmental management, ISO 14001 operation and maintenance costs, environmental training costs, and environmental impact reduction costs 0 151
(4) Environmental preservation costs for R&D activities
(R&D costs)
R&D costs to reduce environmental impact in material development and processes 0 93
(5) Environmental preservation costs for social activities (social activity costs) Costs for greening, beautification, and other environmental activities as well as community event participation and membership fees 0 34
(6) Costs for environmental damage (environmental damage costs) Air pollution charges 0 30
(7) Other environmental preservation costs 1 4
Total 178 2,020
Period: April 2018-March 2019
Scope: Polyplastics Co., Ltd.; Taiwan/Dafa Plant, Malaysia/Kuantan Plant, China/Nantong Plant (PTM/PNL), Germany/Leuna Plant, Germany/Oberhausen Plant

Share of Environmental Preservation Activities in Business

(Unit: %)

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Rate of environmental preservation-related R&D costs as part of total R&D costs 13.7 10.9 5.8 1.8 2.4 1.7 3.2
Rate of environmental preservation-related investments as part of total equipment investment 1.9 2.5 2.0 2.8 8.1 5.2 4.0

Environmental Investments

(Cumulative totals since 1990; accumulation started from 2004)

Changes in Environmental Preservation Costs


* Note: Added Taiwan and Malaysia from FY2004, China (PTM) from FY2008, China (PNL) from FY2014, Germany (LCPG) from FY2015, and Germany (Oberhausen) from FY2017. The data refer to the periods of January to December up to FY2012, and January to the following March for FY2013, and April to the following March for FY2014 and thereafter

Environmental Preservation Costs

Investments:176million yen/Costs:1,561million yen

Global environment preservation costs

Contributed to energy saving by investing about 50 million yen in a flash steam reuse system.

Resource recycling costs

Includes costs for replacing waste separation equipment (electric sieve) and purchasing furnishings such as containers for industrial waste.

Pollution control costs

This year we strengthened countermeasures for soil contamination by the 1,4-Dioxane from the cleaning agents used in our PBT plant. By changing to thicker piping lines for waste water treatment facilities, we were able to take thorough countermeasures against the occurrence of in-process leakage of waste water from the bilge pit.

Bilge pit

Environmental impact reduction costs

Includes the initial cost difference caused by replacing the mercury vapor lighting in the interior of the plant with LEDs.

Costs:147million yen

Environmental preservation costs for administration

Includes ISO14001 audit costs as well as personnel expenses related to environmental target education, analysis costs for atmospheric and water pollution, etc.

Costs:147million yen