Topics for Polyplastics Japan

Expanding Social Contribution Activities in Line with Polyplastics CSR Approach

Donated the Emergency Generator to the Local Community Center

This year we visited Fuji City municipal office to expand our social contribution activities based on local needs. When we asked about local issues and needs, we learned that the Fuji Minami Community Center, located the former site of our company dormitory, was lacking some essential items. Many of our employees still live in the area served by the community center, so it is a place of interaction that also serves as a local disaster prevention base. We donated the emergency generator and a rice cooker for emergency food distribution in order to enhance the functions of the community center and contribute to the local community. In September we received a certificate of thanks from the mayor of Fuji City.

Mr. Yoshimasa Konagai (right) Mayor of Fuji city, Mitsuuchi (center) Fuji Plant General Manager, Yamamoto (left) Chief of General Affairs Department

Emergency generator

Communicating the Fun of Work and Manufacturing to Children

One cause of concern in Japan in recent years is that children are turning away from science. As a company in the manufacturing industry, we worked together with the Fuji Chamber of Commerce this year to hold lectures on career education for local junior and senior high school students in order to help raise the next generation of people that will support manufacturing in the future.

Takashi Fujita
TSC Market Development Group

Fuji Yoshiwara First Junior High School

Our employee gave the lectures on career education as technical engineer, talking about his work experiences. He also gave a cheerfull message to the students who are full of potential.

Fukashi Masuda
TSC Market Development Group

Shizuoka Yoshiwara Technical High School

Speaking on the topic of “Automatic Driving: Present and Future”, he introduced how our resins are applied in automotive parts. He also told about the skills necessary for the engineers who will support the automotive industry of the future, as well as the students’ own career development.

Goods Donation Event: Initiatives Against Wastefulness

At Polyplastics, we are working as a company to back up our employees’ mind to contribute to society as individuals. This year all of our offices and plant in Japan participated in an internal event called “Initiatives Against Wastefulness”, in which employees were asked to donate goods for NPO. In total, 6 events were held and we collected a variety of donated items, including a large amount of food products, approximately 120 pieces of children’s clothes, and foreign currency totaling the equivalent of about 141,000 yen. While social contribution activities like these had previously been carried out on an individual site level, this was the first time for Polyplastics Japan to work together as one on such an activity.