Polyacetal (POM)

The well-balanced mechanical properties of DURACON® POM include self-lubrication with oil-resistance. This product was first used commercially to replace machinery components such as gears, screws and bearings, which were previously all made of steel. Today, it has a wide range of applications from everyday household goods such as zippers and toothbrushes to vehicle safety equipment like door locks and latches, seatbelt locking mechanisms and fuel system components. It has the largest global market share* with 20% of overall sales.

※ Source: Fuji Keizai, “Market Outlook for Engineering Plastic and Global Strategy 2017”



Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

DURANEX® PBT is characterized by its heat resistance and outstanding electrical properties. Its excellent compatibility with various kinds of reinforcement and additive agents means that it can be given many different properties according to specific customer needs. This also allows us to develop a diverse range of grades in our product lineup. This versatile product is utilized in a wide range of areas from wire harness connectors in automobiles to all kinds of electronic components, and also in more familiar everyday items, such as make-up brushes and paper laminate food packaging.



Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

DURAFIDE® PPS was launched by Polyplastics as Japan’s first compound production, based on the supply of PPS polymer with linear molecular structure from Kureha Corporation. It has superior mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and fireproof properties. Moreover, it boasts excellent toughness compared to traditional PPS because of its superior ability to withstand stretching and impacts. Its applications range from peripheral automotive engine parts and electrical components in hybrid and electric vehicles to smartphones and water mixing valves in baths and basins.



Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)

LAPEROS® LCP is a leading super engineering plastic that has a thinness and fluidity unheard of in typical engineering plastics. Heat-resistant and possessing incomparable mechanical strength, LCP has the unique attribute that the thinner the product becomes, the greater its mechanical strength. Moreover, it has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion close to that of metal. It is often used in super-miniature precision connectors for ever-smaller IT devices like tablets and smartphones. It is at the top globally* with a total market share of 37%.

※ Source: Fuji Keizai, “Market Outlook for Engineering Plastic and Global Strategy 2017”



Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)

TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) is a glass-clear and extremely pure plastic for healthcare, packaging, and electronics applications. From insulin delivery, to food contact films, to tablet and smartphone components, TOPAS COC is the high performance material of choice. The broad global regulatory compliance of TOPAS COC can make your next development a simpler task.



Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

RENATUS® PET is based on the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin employed in the familiar PET bottle.
RENATUS is created by blending PET resin with glass fibers, dramatically increasing its mechanical strength and heat resistance. This allows RENATUS to be used as an engineering plastic material. It has superior electrical properties and heat resistance. Moreover, it is an extraordinarily moldable glass reinforcing material.