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Around the clock, 365 days a year, our WEB@TSC® service provides access to a variety of information on matters from product data to engineering plastics design, production technologies like molding and joining, and performance evaluation. The service is free of charge o customers using our products.

Heaps of useful technical information exclusive to members!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register as a member before submitting Q an enquiry?

WEB@TSC® is also available for non-members. For technical enquiries, our engineering plastics specialists have a wealth of experience and will assist you thoroughly.

I need a certification of chemicals and ingredients.

Chemical substance certificates such as RoHS and IMDS can be requested online.
Replies will take 1-10 days depending on the nature of the request.

Do you have any data that is not in the physical properties table?

Please submit a request to us. We can provide stored test data regarding the fluidity, chemical resistance and fatigue properties of our products, and more.

I would like to consult with you about the selection and shape of the a plastic.

We will check the necessary information about the potential uses and offer you a proposal.

I would like to know which grades are FDA-compliant.

Please inform us of the conditions and environment the plastic is being used in. Our engineering plastics experts will propose the best materials.

A defect has arisen in our mass production of a part and I would like to investigate the reason.

Please let us know your progress with the defect. We also provide support after production.

Online Technical Support(WEB@TSC®)