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Around the clock, 365 days a year, our WEB@TSC® service provides access
to a variety of information on matters from product data to engineering plastics design,
production technologies like molding and joining, and performance evaluation.
The service is free of charge to customers using our products.

Heaps of useful technical information exclusive to members!

In addition to the above, we have more than 10,000 pages of engineering plastics information. Please see.

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Email magazine available to members only

Our email magazine is delivered every other month to inform our customers
about new Polyplastics Group technologies and new grades, as well as exhibitions and events in which we participate.
Information is available in Japanese, English and Chinese (Simplified).


Can I get technical support?

Customers can make formal inquiries and our technicians will meticulously answer based on a wealth of experience and data.

Do you have any data that is not in the physical properties table?

Please submit a request to us. We can provide stored test data regarding the fluidity, chemical resistance and fatigue properties of our products, and more.

I would like to consult with you about the selection and shape of the plastic.

We will check the necessary information about the potential uses and offer you a proposal.

I would like to know which grades are FDA-compliant.

Please inform us of the conditions and environment the plastic is being used in. Our engineering plastics experts will propose the best materials.

A defect has arisen in our mass production of a part and I would like to investigate the reason.

Please let us know your progress with the defect. We also provide support after production.

I am worried that our personal information may be leaked. What kind of measures have you taken to protect against this?

We have carried out protection against systematic unauthorized access, restrictions on staff accessibility to personal information, education/training of our employees including temporary staff, and outsourcing after exchanging a memorandum on a confidentiality agreement and appropriate handling of personal information with a business contractor.
We will never provide your personal information to any irrelevant third parties or provide it to the relevant business contractor beyond the scope necessary for outsourcing.
For detailed information, please refer to our "Corporate Policy of Protection on Personal Information."

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