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【4/19Document Update】Engineering Plastics Innovation: New DURAST Powder

Improves product characteristics and helps reduce material loss




At Polyplastics, we mainly offer pellet-shaped engineering plastics for injection and extrusion molding. In expanding our lineup, we considered how we could accommodate demand from customers who have expressed the desire to also use engineering plastics and add new functionalities to products in manufacturing methods for which pellets are incompatible. Believing that powder form could be one solution, we developed DURAST Powder in a distinctive shape with fine, narrow particle size distribution. We now offer this material that makes new functionalities possible.


Market Demand
Achievements / Applications

Materials compatible with many different types of manufacturing methods are needed to manufacture products in small quantities with many varieties or with complex shapes.

Offer powder resin with fine, narrow particle size distribution (10 μm-200 μm)
・Fine powder with no sharp corners
    (POM, PBT, PPS)
・Anisotropic powder/spherical fine
    powder (LCP)

Enables improvements to properties and compatibility with various manufacturing methods as follows
・Improves product properties as
    an additive to other resins
・Creates porous molded objects
    by sintering
・Creates block materials through
    compression molding
・Creates molding materials in 3D
    printing with the SLS method



Here are four Polyplastics resins that we currently offer.

(under development)


Polymer Form Average particle size Heat resistance Characteristics
Formless 30~100μm 90~100℃ Being a copolymer, it has good thermal stability and superior flexibility.
It also has self-lubricating properties and superior friction resistance, as well as high rigidity and elastic recovery rate.


Polymer Form Average particle size Heat resistance Characteristics

Polyphenylene Sulfide

Formless 7~200μm 100℃ It is a linear type PPS with high toughness and heat resistance, as well as chemical resistance and resistance to radiation, and since it has few ionic impurities it can also stand up to rigorous requirements for electrical properties. Its superior affinity with metal also enables formation of composites. We offer a lineup of various particle sizes and viscosities according to the usage application.


Polymer Form Average particle size Heat resistance Characteristics
Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Formless 30~100μm 65~70℃ It is tough, with plenty of flexibility and low water absorbency, and superior electrical insulation properties in a broad range of temperatures and humidity levels. Its heat distortion temperature is 65-70°C (depending on degree of crystallinity).


■ DURAST LCP (under development)
Polymer Form Average particle size Heat resistance Characteristics
Liquid Crystal Polymer


Depends on type of polymer Offers superior vibrational absorption properties with high heat resistance and high elasticity. It also has superior flowability and gas barrier properties in addition to low water absorption rate and electrical properties that are stable at high frequencies. Through our advanced powderization technologies, we have developed both a formless powder with less fibrils and less orientation compared to previous materials and a spherical powder.




※Document Update(19.April.2023)


Engineering plastics are materials with high molecular weight and high mechanical strength. For that reason, when they are processed through methods such as pulverization, friction heat between different resins or with the pulverizer machine can cause resins to melt. At Polyplastics, we conducted wide-ranging research on powder manufacturing methods, through which we successfully developed distinctive engineering plastic fine powders. These powders offer potential usage in a wide range of manufacturing methods.
We offer particle samples of each type of resin, so if you are interested please contact us either through a sales representative or via “Contact Us” at the top-right of the screen.


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