Our Solutions

Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are high-performance plastics with excellent mechanical strength, heat-resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. They are used in every facet of modern life from cars, appliances and electronic devices to aircraft, the latest robotics, and food and medicine packages.


Technical Support

Our technological expertise is backed by our proven track record and years of experience. We provide timely and attentive technical support from a number of technological hubs worldwide. These advantages gained as an engineering plastics pioneer enables us to assist the product development of our customers.

We also have WEB@TSC®, a free members-only website to support customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever they are. Any enquiries about products are answered promptly and accurately by our engineers. You can also apply for all types of certifications using the website, including a chemical handling certification.


Global Business

The Polyplastics Group is a global manufacturer and wholesaler of numerous engineering plastics such as POM, PBT, PPS, LCP, PET and COC. Utilizing our network of 32 offices and plants in 11 countries, globally-consistent quality and quick delivery are at the core of our business.

Production capacity of our flagship product, POM, exceeds 300,000 tons per year, making us one of the world’s leading producers as we support your manufacturing needs globally.