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The Research and Development Division is our company’s technical support transmission center, staffed by a group of engineering plastics technology specialists with vast experience and a proven track record of some 50 years.
Based on abundant resin data and accumulated technology, we support a wide range of customer requests for material development, product design, reliability evaluation, molding technology, and secondary processing such as bonding, etc.
Because we are a highly specialized engineering plastics manufacturer, we are able to provide our support services to customers worldwide.


Solution flowchart

From proposal of the best material to part design, mold assembly and product performance evaluation

Offering advanced development of materials with the required features, from product design technology proposals to product life forecasts, we always harness cutting-edge software and hardware to provide the best solution technology in a timely manner.

Customer concepts


Material development and selection

We develop new materials using new techniques in anticipation of customer needs, selecting and proposing the best materials for the conditions under which they are to be used.


Product design / die design

We deploy our wealth of experience and test data to support your product and die design. Proposals to address deformation using CAE also offered.


Mold assembly / fabrication

We propose the best mold assembly as well as fabrication processes such as surface decoration and joining for your product, then follow up with support.


Product evaluation and analysis

We offer the latest analysis technology and long-term reliability design data.

The Research and Development Center (RDC)

Development and selection of optimal materials
and blue sky materials technology research

The RDC researches new polymers, develops materials with valuable new functions and properties, and is able to meet customer needs by applying the latest blending and dispersion technologies. We broadly and constantly monitor market needs for engineering plastics and research trends, and strive to stay abreast of the latest technology. As a specialist manufacturer of engineering plastics, we offer customers the latest and most suitable materials based on decades of technical expertise.

Technical Solution
Center (TSC)

From product design and molding
to product performance evaluation and analysis

At the TSC, we provide consistent technical support throughout the process from design to manufacture, working with customers to meet their needs for high-quality manufacturing. In particular, computer-based shape and die design (CAE) and technological development including all types of analysis and longevity forecasting enable greater precision in our product development support. Moreover, we are No. 1 in the industry for data required for long-term reliable design. We are committed to giving the customer peace of mind in using our products to design their products by constantly updating them with the latest plastics data.


Products and parts using our products are on display inside the TSC.

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973 Miyajima, Fuji, Shizuoka
416-8533, Japan
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