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A clear non-crystalline copolymer with moisture-proof characteristics

TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) is a transparent and extremely pure amorphous resin. With its superior water vapor barrier, chemical resistance, and safety properties, it is deployed in a wide range of applications from the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields where quality standards are rigorous, to the packaging and electronics fields, and more. TOPAS COC can be found in all types of products that people use, from prefilled syringes to pharmaceutical packaging sheets, and food packaging film. The broad global regulatory compliance of TOPAS COC can make your next development a simpler task.

TOPAS COC is developed by our subsidiary TOPAS Advanced Polymers GmbH and sold by Polyplastics in the Americas, Japan and Asia Pacific.

Key properties

COC resin TOPAS® is a high quality and highly pure amorphous cyclic olefin resin by our original metallocene catalyst technique.
In the medical field including medical equipment and inspection diagnosis jigs, etc., with strict demand criteria, TOPAS offers optimal characteristics and cost performance as an alternative material for high quality and high cost quartz glass and PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane), etc.

COC resin TOPAS is used for a wide range of applications as a high functional packaging material due to superior properties including a high moisture barrier property, an aroma retaining property, and dead fold characteristics, etc.
In addition, TOPAS is superior especially in compatibility with LLDPE, can be blended at a desired ratio, and used as a modifier of PE.

Raw ingredients and production method

TOPAS® is a cyclo olefin copolymer (COC) copolymerized from norbornene and ethylene using a metallocene catalyst.

Comonomer content determines the deflection temperature under load, so TOPAS® COC grades with high cyclic olefin content have higher heat resistances.

List of leading grades

Property Characteristic Grade
Standard For injection molding, High purity 8007S-04
High Flow General purpose for injection molding 5013L-10
Standard Injection molding extrusion molding common use, high purity, better surface appearance, Heat resistance 6013M-07
Film Improved moldability 8007F-600
Film High purity 8007F-04
Film Improved Moldability, Low Tg 9506F-500


  • Prefilled syringes

  • Microtiter plates

  • Containers

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