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Exhibition Contents for K2022


We will show our latest material technologies and products at K 2022 exhibition (Hall 7A/B02) which runs Oct. 19-26 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.
Please download the materials of the exhibition contents at K 2022 from the link below.




Sustainability at Polyplastics
 -How Polyplastics becomes carbon neutral by 2050
DURACON® bG-POM, Biomass-Generation Plastics
 -Reducing CO2 emissions while maintaining identical properties to conventional POM
PLASTRON® LFT Long-Fiber Cellulose-Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin
 -Weight reduction with mechanical strength by biomaterial
CELBLEN EC, Non-Edible Biomass & Marine Biodegradable Visible Clear Resin
 -Cellulose Acetate Resin
TOPAS® COC Monomaterial Polyolefin Blister
 -Recyclable pharmaceutical blister packaging with high moisture barrier based on polyolefins only
TOPAS® COC Enhanced Monomaterial Solutions
 -TOPAS COC enable development of various recyclable solutions for rigid and flexible packaging
Recyclable PE Monomaterial SUP Enhanced by COC
 -TOPAS COC enable development of stand up pouch applications with balanced properties
TOPAS® COC Enhanced Polyolefin Shrink Sleeves
 -Addition of COC into polyolefine film structures introduces required shrink properties and low density for separation of shrink sleeves by flotation
TOPAS® COC Metalized Films
 -Very good metalization capabilities of COC surfaces are the basis for high barriers of all polyolefin based films
DURANEX® rG-PBT, Recyclate-use Engineering Plastics
 -Polyplastics news offering with mechanically recycled plastics


Laser Weldable POM, PBT and PPS
 -Material for laser welding with high bonding strength and multiple color pairing
Flame Retardant, Durable PPS and PBT Variations
 -Material solutions for EV
PBT with Extremely High Laser Transmittance and Low Warpage
 -Customized PBT for laser welding process with visibility to welded area.
Thermal Shock and Alkali Resistant PBT Grade
 -Customized PBT grade withstanding environmental impacts
PBT for High CTI and Stable Electrical Insulation Requirement
 -High CTI materials with combined options for flammability rating, Hydrolysis resistance, Thermal shock resistance, Toughness.
CELVENUS® B/BL and KV 300, Epoxy Resin for e-Motor
 -Epoxy fillings for E-Motor stator / rotor components
VESTAKEEP®-J Original Compound Grades Based on VESTAKEEP®
 -VESTAKEEP®-J is a brand name of special PEEK compound grades developed by Polyplastics-Evonik Corporation, which are based on VESTAKEEP® PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) manufactured by German company, EVONIK Industries AG.
Mirrors for Head-Up-Displays
 -Temperatur stability and low warpage are key features


Excellent Dimensional Accuracy, DURAFIDE® PPS 8670 Series
 -PPS for Ferrule connectors
Polyplastics 5G – Solution
 -Engineering Plastics for 5G Cellular networks
VESTAMID®-J K2 Strong Bonding with TPU
 -VESTAMID®-J is long chain Polyamide such as Polyamide 12 (PA12), Polyamide 612 (PA612) and Polyamide 12 elastomer (PEBA) which has light weight, tough, high weatherability and good spring.
R-COMPO® Rubber-Composite Polyamide Sheet
 -R-COMPO® is polyamide sheet with rubber studs by unique composite technology, based on K&K technology (patented) – Plastic & Rubber composite technology.
CX Polarized Sheet and Wafer
 -CX Polarized sheet consists of polarizing membrane sandwiched between both side CX film which is made by TROGAMID® myCX.
CX Film Material that Makes Transparency 3D-Shaped Display and Thermo Forming Products
 -CX film is semi-crystalline Polyamide film which has both advantage of crystalline and amorphous Polyamide, i.e. chemical resistance, impact strength and transparency. As chemical resistance, CX film keep transparency without damage after Neutrogina test.


Total Technical Support by Polyplastics
 -From design, material selection, production to trouble shooting
Polyplastics’ Total Gear Solution
 -Material and Technical support
DURASTTM Engineering Plastics Fine Powder
 -Engineering Plastics for Application in a Wide Variety of Manufacturing Methods
Optimized POM for Additive Manufacturing Technologies
 -Close mechanical property to injection molding process
Control Residual Stress by Visualization Technology
 -Secure long-term product reliability by controlling residual stress
Dissimilar Material Bonding Technology
 -Technology to secure airtightness with multiple combination of materials
Topological Analysis
 -CAE topological analysis for design optimizaiton


 -Solution for your healthcare applications
POC Point-of-Care Diagnostics
 -Combination of barrier properties, transparency and high purity renders COC ideal for storage containers
Lab-CD, Biochips and Microfluidic
 -Purity, transparency and very good replication of microstructures can be achieved using COC.
Micro-Titer Plates and UV-Cuvettes
 -High UV-transparency is one of the key features of COC
Prefillable Syringes
 -Glass like properties, barrier, high purity and a non ionic surface enable manufacturing of high performance syringes
Vials and Bottles
 -Glass like properties, barrier, high purity and a non ionic surface enable manufacturing of high performance vials and bottles
Elastic Gasket in MDI
 -Flexible grade of COC with high barrier and low level of leachables provides ideal material for sealing gasket in metered dose inhaler
Dental Implant Container
 -COC grade with high heat resistance offers steam sterilization.
Bone Cement Syringe/ Mixer
 -Chemical resistance and barrier superior to other amorphous resins
Wearable Insulin Pump
 -High Purity, stiffness and barrier properties are ideal for insulin pumps



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