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Polyplastics to launch a new re-compounding service under the DURACIRCLETM sustainability initiative

The DURACIRCLETM initiative aims to recycle 100% of engineering plastics
As an industry leader in engineering plastics, Polyplastics is implementing its DURACIRCLETM initiative for the recycling of engineering plastics. This project will apply a wide variety of sustainable solutions that contribute toward achieving a 100% recycling rate, without being confined to the existing business model of simply manufacturing and selling materials.


Phase one of DURACIRCLETM: DURACIRCLETM Re-compounding Service
Utilizing our long history of engineering plastics material development and manufacturing technologies Polyplastics will launch the “DURACIRCLETM Re-compounding Service”. This service will offer our customers the highest quality in mechanically recycled*1 materials. The DURACIRCLETM Re-compounding Service will be launched by March 2024.

*1 Mechanical recycling is a method to melt plastic waste with heat and process it back into pellets for reuse, also referred to in Japan as material recycling.


Features of DURACIRCLETM Re-compounding Service


【Illustration of our Re-compounding Service】


The DURACIRCLETM Re-compounding Service is a clear departure from conventional recycling. It was named “Re-compounding” with the aim of application in horizontal recycling*2 which is considered difficult with engineering plastics since they need to be of the highest quality. In the immediate future, we anticipate using pre-consumer materials*3 as raw feedstocks as they have traceable manufacturing histories and therefore pose little risk of contamination from environmentally hazardous substances.

*2 Horizontal recycling is a recycling method to recycle products into the same products, such as recovering plastic bottles and recycling them back into plastic bottles.
*3 Pre-consumer materials are raw materials to be recycled such as runners and non-conforming products that arise in manufacturing processes before products reach consumers, also referred to as post-industrial recycling (PIR).


In addition to expanding DURACIRCLETM to markets outside of Japan, Polyplastics plans to develop and offer recycling technologies for post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) which are even harder to reprocess. As environmental needs evolve, Polyplastics is developing future solutions for mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and biogenic carbon cycles.



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