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Exhibition Contents for FAKUMA2023


We will show our latest material technologies and products at 28. FAKUMA exhibition (Hall B5 – Stand B5-5219) which runs Oct. 17-21 at Messe Friedrichshafen.




・Sustainability at Polyplastics
・DURACON® bG-POM, Biomass-Generation Plastics
・PLASTRON® LFT Long-Fiber Cellulose-Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin
・DURANEX® rG-PBT, Recyclate-use Engineering Plastics
・CAFBLO® Cellulose Acetate Resin
・TOPAS® COC Monomaterial Polyolefin Blister
・TOPAS® COC Enhanced Monomaterial Solutions
・Recyclable PE Monomaterial SUP Enhanced by COC
・TOPAS® COC Enhanced Polyolefin Shrink Sleeves
・TOPAS® COC Metalized Films


・Laser Weldable POM, PBT and PPS
・Flame Retardant, Durable PPS and PBT Variations
・PBT with Extremely High Laser Transmittance and Low Warpage
・Thermal Shock and Alkali Resistant PBT Grade
・PBT for High CTI and Stable Electrical Insulation Requirement
・Mirrors for Head-Up-Displays
・PPS with Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance and Unique Thermal Propagation
・Lineup of Functional Materials for Millimeter Wave Radar


・High Condactive LCP – LAPEROS® LCP A230 and GA725
・High Flow & Low Warpage LAPEROS® LCP
・Low & High Dielectric Constant LAPEROS® LCP
・Dk Controlled Materials with Low Df
・Excellent Dimensional Accuracy – DURAFIDE® PPS 8670 series
・Excellent Flowability & Mechanical Property -​ LAPEROS® LCP GA110/GA130
・Low Dust LCP Grade – LAPEROS® LCP E525T/E530T
・Excellent Dimensional Stability​ & Plating Property – DURAFIDE® PPS 6165A6


■New Offerings
・DURAST™ Engineering Plastics Powder
・Optimized POM for Additive Manufacturing Technologies
・SARPEK® PEK with Thermal and Mechanical Properties that Outperform PEEK


・Total Technical Support by Polyplastics
・Control Residual Stress by Visualization Technology
・Polyplastics’ Bonding Technology
・Topological Analysis for Design Optimization
・CAE Void Prediction Technology
・CAE Reflow Snalysis
・DURACON® POM_Good Sliding Grade without PFAS
・How to Replace Homo-POM to DURACON® POM


・POC Point-of-Care Diagnostics
・Lab-CD, Biochips and Microfluidic
・Micro-Titer Plates and UV-Cuvettes
・Prefillable Syringes
・Vials and Bottles
・Elastic Gasket in MDI
・Dental Implant Container
・Bone Cement Syringe/ Mixer
・Wearable Insulin Pump


Official website: https://www.fakuma-messe.de/en/