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New DURANEX PBT: Adopted for Selex Motors Smart Electric Scooter Battery Packs in Vietnam

Polyplastics and Selex Motors team up to develop battery packs for electric motorcycles in Vietnam

Polyplastics has been a leading provider of high-performance engineering plastics for more than 60 years. We cater to a range of industries, such as automotive, electrical, mobile, PC, and medical. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in the field of technological innovation and constantly strive to offer solutions that closely align with our customer’s evolving needs.

Selex Motors is a pioneering electric two-wheeler manufacturer headquartered in Vietnam. The company has earned a reputation for innovation in electrification and sustainable transportation solutions.

Learn more about the Selex Camel, Selex’s smart electric two-wheeler.



Both companies share a vision of a future where people can travel safely, efficiently, and sustainably using environmentally friendly electric two-wheelers. As a first step towards achieving this vision, we proposed a new grade of DURANEX PBT for Selex’s battery packs to improve their overall quality.



New DURANEX PBT used in Selex’s batteries

The battery cover is a vital component that guarantees the safety and functionality of the battery pack. Considering that a pack comprises several elements, it is crucial to choose the appropriate material that fulfills the functional needs of each of its components.



The DURANEX PBT used in Selex’s battery packs, offers chemical resistance, dimensional stability, low warpage, and flame retardancy. These properties contribute to the quality, safety, and sustainability of Selex’s electric motorcycles.


Comments from each company

 (Yusuke Tomioka / Representative of Polyplastics Vietnam): “We are very honored to contribute to Selex Motors, a pioneer company of electric two-wheelers representing Vietnam. We look forward to a future where Selex will make great strides in Vietnam’s EV industry.”

(Selex Motors): “We are pleased to collaborate with Polyplastics to develop Vietnam’s electric two-wheel industry. This partnership is an important milestone for both companies as we work together to build a sustainable transportation system.”



For more information on Engineered Plastics, please contact Polyplastics Vietnam Representative Office.
For more information on investment and collaboration in electric vehicles, please contact Selex Motors.


About Selex Motors

Selex Motors was founded in 2018 in a 10 m2 room to promote sustainable development in Vietnam and the world through the integration of intelligent electric two-wheelers and renewable energy into transportation. Selex stands for Smart Electric Vehicles X, “X ” stands for a vast portfolio of future electric vehicle models, as well as the “X-factor.” The company is dedicated to developing an entire ecosystem for smart electric two-wheelers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with the aim of promoting these types of vehicles.

Selex Motors has become a reliable electric vehicle partner for several delivery service firms, including Shopee and Lazada. This marks a significant milestone for green transportation. It demonstrates how technology can serve as a valuable, enduring enhancement to the transportation industry.