Polyplastics’ Super-High Flow PBT “DURANEX (R) SF Series” Accelerates Downsizing Molding Design

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.’s DURANEX (R) SF Series of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) meets increasing needs of customers regarding the downsizing of components in fields such as automotive, consumer electronics and industrial electrical devices. With double the flowability of standard PBT, the DURANEX SF Series can fill super-thin wall sections of molded parts, critical in designing light-weight application products. The high flowability of the DURANEX SF Series contributes to downsizing product design, optimizing processing and reducing energy costs in injection molding.


Given its excellent balance of mechanical and electrical properties, in addition to high moldability and durability, PBT is used in a variety of applications with various additives. However, the smaller and thinner the application designs become, the more flowability of resin will be required. Super-high flow resin, such as LCP, which costs more and requires higher temperature in molding than PBT, has conventionally been used. The DURANEX SF Series meets these requirements while providing the versatility of PBT, including better electrical properties and design flexibility.

Polyplastics offers selections of the DURANEX SF Series with low warpage and high filler characteristics:
– SF3300: Standard GF-reinforced type
– SF733LD: Low warpage type
– SF755: High filler type

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