Polyplastics rated as an “Advanced Company in Environmental Preservation Activities”

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

Polyplastics (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Toshio Shiwaku, President & CEO; hereinafter “Polyplastics”) has been rated as an “Advanced company in the activities for the environment preservation” based on the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Environmentally Rated Loan Program, a loan program utilizing a screening (rating) system developed by DBJ that evaluates enterprises on the level of their environmental management and then sets financial conditions.

DBJ noted the following in its rating:
(1) Polyplastics promotes CSR activities such as ESH (Environment, Safety, Health) audits in overseas group companies and the disclosure of environmental performance data. In addition, Polyplastics also approaches CSR activities in its supply chain on a group-wide basis.
(2) Polyplastics promotes the visualization of production processes in its control rooms, and promotes production optimization, enhancement of efficiency, and energy savings by monitoring plant operation, usage of electricity and water, etc.
(3) Polyplastics has established new CSR Committee and CSR Group to unify internal CSR activities and also has established a CSR mid-term plan which combines business activities and social issues on a group-wide basis based on mid-term business plans and SDGs.

The Polyplastics Corporate Philosophy is: “We contribute to building an abundant future society by innovation and developing talented and responsible people, through pursuing the unlimited potential of engineering plastics.” With this vision in mind, Polyplastics has worked on CSR activities from two aspects: Contributing to society through our business activities, and offering opportunities to improve society by using corporate resources. Furthermore, Polyplastics also works on developing and producing environmentally friendly products for a more sustainable society. We aim to achieve our Corporate Philosophy and a sustainable society through company-wide efforts.

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