Update on TSCA High-Priority Substances for Risk Evaluation (Formaldehyde, p-Dichlorobenzene)


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This is an update to the information that Polyplastics provided on March 18, 2020. EPA has recently made another important announcement regarding the self-identification requirement for the high-priority chemical substances for risk evaluation. Please refer to the following URL.


Announcement from EPA:


The summary of this announcement is as follows. Some manufacturers/importers are exempted from the self-identification requirement. These are manufactures/importers that:

1) Import the chemical substance in an article
2) Produce the chemical substance as a byproduct
3) Produce or import the chemical substance as an impurity

As far as DURACON® POM and DURAFIDE® PPS are concerned, a majority of Polyplastics customers fall into the third category (produce or import the chemical substance as an impurity) because the chemical substances are contained as impurities in these products and are exempted from the self-identification requirement.


Products in question

All grades of DURACON® POM
Formaldehyde(CAS No. 50-00-0) is contained as an impurity(polymer degradation product)

All grades of DURAFIDE® PPS
p-Dichlorobenzene (CAS No. 106-46-7) is contained as an impurity (residual monomer)

EPA states in its announcement that the final notice is in preparation with the goal of finalizing it in 2021. More information may be released from EPA in the course of preparing the amendments.

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