Polyplastics to Showcase High Heat Shock Products for EV Applications at ITB Thermal Management and Plastics Powertrain Conference


Polyplastics USA, Farmington Hills, MI., will showcase “High Heat Shock Products for EV Applications” at ITB’s conference “Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components” on September 23rd, 2020.

Polyplastics Webinar To Showcase “High Heat Shock” DURAFIDE PPS and DURANEX PBT Compounds for EV Applications

Introduce high heat shock materials for today’s demanding EV applications. In addition to high heat shock, other attributes that PBT can offer include: High CTI, flame retardant, and hydrolysis resistance. For high heat applications needing excellent chemical resistance, high heat shock PPS can be considered which also offers inherent flame retardancy.

Webinar Date – September 23rd at 1:30 PM(EST)
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About ITB’sConference:
ITB’s interactive virtual Developments in Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components event will focus on thermal management innovations for powertrain and passenger comfort advancements (day 1) and developments for plastic components for both ICE and e-Powertrain systems (day 2). Leading industry participants will take part remotely to explore key issues related to systems, components, materials, development processes and techniques, and showcase their latest products and innovations.

Conference: ITB – Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components
Dates: September 22 and 23, 2020
Location: Virtual Zoom Conference
More information: Developments in Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components 2020