Unauthorized access to the corporate server (Update Feb. 15th, 2022)

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

To customers, business partners, and other related parties:

We announced “Unauthorized access to the corporate server” on January 27, 2022. We made the further investigation of the cause and damage in cooperation with external specialists.

It has been confirmed that the server targeted for unauthorized access contains the personal information of officers and employees of our business partners and the applicants for employment, as well as customer’s information, but so far we have not confirmed any facts that the information has not been leaked to the outside or secondary damages that can be confirmed.

If the new important matters to be notified are found, we will respond appropriately.

In addition, we have reported to the Personal Information Protection Commission regarding this case and the possibility of leakage of personal data.

In the future, with the cooperation of external specialists, we will promote the strengthening of IT security, tighten the information management system, and thoroughly prevent recurrence.

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