Our volunteers for COVID-19 at our China site

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

We will introduce that our employees at China site (Nantong Plant, Shanghai Office, and Technical Solution Center at Shanghai) actively participated in various community volunteers from July to August under the serious situation of COVID-19 infection.


・PCR test volunteers


The employees of Nantong Plant and Shanghai Office, and Technical Solution Center participated in volunteers supporting local PCR-testing.


Community support volunteers (distribution of food and daily necessities, and support for elderly people)


During the lockdown period in Shanghai, employees at Shanghai Office and Technical Solution Center played an important role as bridges between local government and local residents, through delivering daily necessities. They also participated in volunteer to help elderly people living alone buy daily necessities by smartphone.


The situation is still severe all over the world, but each and every one of our employees will continue to do what he/she can.


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