Relocation and Expansion of Compound Capacity of Polyplastics (Nantong) Ltd.

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that Polyplastics Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Toshio Shiwaku, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will relocate the head office and plant of Polyplastics (Nantong) Ltd. (PNL), currently located in the north of the Economic and Technology Development Area of Nantong Municipality, Jiangsu Province, China, to south of the area to expand our compound capacity.

Currently, we have four compound production plants worldwide: Fuji Plant, Kaohsiung Plant, Kuantan Plant, and Nantong Plant, and are selling compound products, such as POM, PBT, PET, PPS and LCP globally. PNL was established in March 2012, and provides engineering plastics products, mainly in the Chinese market.

A chemical company in the north of the area was demanded to halt its operation in accordance with the policy of the area. As such, PTM Engineer Plastics (Nantong), which is a polyacetal production plant, announced that it would establish DP Engineering Plastics (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (DPE) in the south of the area as an alternative in January 2022. We have also decided to relocate PNL to the land within DPE’s premises to maintain the effectiveness of the production chain.

We plan to start operations in the new location in January 2025. We will expand the compound facilities to meet the large demand for engineering plastics worldwide and increase our annual production capacity from 9,000 tons to 21,400 tons. We believe this increase will help further improve the local production system for demands in China (POMPBTPPSLCP), make improvements to lead time and transportation costs, and fulfil customer needs.

We have sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for our customers whose bases are in China. We also have Technical Solution Centers in Shanghai and Taiwan to support our customers in solving technical issues from the product development phase. Our goal is to provide solutions through communication by increasing the polymerization ability of polyacetal, expanding the compound ability of PNL, and using engineering plastics, to generate special value together for our customers.

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