High School Students from Taiwan Visit Fuji Plant and TSC as Part of Career Education

Polyplastics Co., Ltd. / Polyplastics Taiwan Co., Ltd.

On May 24, a day blessed with good weather, a total of 35 students and teachers from Kaohsiung Municipal Linyuan Senior High School in Taiwan, an important local stakeholder of our Kaohsiung Plant nurturing future talents in the chemical industry, visited our Fuji Plant and TSC (Technical Solution Center).
The visit was a part of the school’s “Chemical Industry Program,” which aims to provide students with career education by giving them a realistic knowledge and understanding of the chemical industry through an actual visit to our company, which has a large share in the global engineering plastics’ market.
Polyplastics, which promotes “fostering the next generation” globally as part of our CSR efforts, fully cooperated to fulfill this visit.

We guided the students to the control room and F-BASE in the plant, and to the showroom and molding room in the Technical Solution Center, where our employees explained that “our goal in plant operation is to realize environmentally friendly, safe, and stable product production”, and that “engineering plastics support all the latest technologies in society,” while introducing our actual products and applications.  The students listened attentively throughout the explanations and actively asked questions.

After plant tour, students commented, “It was interesting to learn about the history of a company that has developed since 1964 meeting the needs of its customers,” “I learned that the engineering plastics are used widely in our daily life through the actual applications, which deepened my understanding,” and ” I felt that the company takes safety seriously because every employee explained safety-related topics.”

As a world-class engineering plastic company, we will continue to make global contributions to fostering the next generation who will lead the chemical industry in the future.


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