Social Contribution Activities of Polyplastics Group (Harmony & Sustainability for the future 2023 No.1)

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

Polyplastics is engaging the social contribution activities around the world that meet local needs and situation, led by CSR promotion members (CSR network members) at each overseas group company under the slogan of “Harmony & Sustainability for the future.”
We will introduce some of the reports of the latest initiatives arrived from the world.


[Nantong Plant] Donation of art supplies and holding a painting contest

Seven companies of the Daicel Group in China, including our Nantong Plant, are jointly providing support to the children living in an area in need. This year, the companies donated art supplies with the aim of nurturing children’s talents, and also held a painting contest with themes such as “My Parents, My Hometown.” Out of the paintings submitted by 195 children, employees voted to select the most outstanding paintings and present them with a certificate of commendation. 124 employees of our Nantong Plant also cooperated in voting.


[Guangzhou Office] Charity lunch boxes to people in need

Eight employees from our Guangzhou office (China) volunteered to distribute free lunch boxes to elderly people living alone, people in need, and people living on the streets.
On the day of the activity, they were divided into two groups: those who distributed the lunch boxes at a designated location, and those who distributed while walking on the streets.
This activity is greatly appreciated by so many people that there was a line of people waiting to receive the boxes, and employees were able to distribute all 80 lunch boxes they had prepared. Employees who participated in the activities commented, “I felt so happy when I saw the people eating their lunch boxes so deliciously” and “It was a great opportunity to be involved in the activities through the company.”


[Hong Kong Office] “Green Monday” event to reduce meat intake

At our Hong Kong office, employees held an event called “Green Monday” every Monday in July, where they had meat-free lunches. Among foods, meat is said to have the highest carbon footprint. This event was held to encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their meat intake.
On the days of the event, participants had lunch by ordering meat-free lunch boxes at the office or by visiting restaurants with a vegetarian menu. In total, they held the events 4 times and 13 employees participated in total and were able to convert 41 meals into vegetarian meals.


We will continue to address the social contribution activities as whole Polyplastics Group in order to be the company which can contribute the abundant future society.


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2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
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13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts